Our Supporters

Charlotte Master Chorale would not exist without the ongoing support of this community.

We gratefully acknowledge these individuals and organizations for their generous philanthropic support.

This list designates those who have given to Charlotte Master Chorale during our most recent fiscal year,  July 1, 2020 through November 30, 2021,  and was last updated on December 9, 2021.

– A –

Associated Foundation, Inc.

– B –

Mr. Edwin Bagley
Mrs. Ken Ballard
Ms. Samantha Balsam
Tanya Bechtler and Bob Teixeira
Mr. Larry Bennett
Ms. Renata Berlin
Mr. Philip Biendenbender
Ms. Carin Bissiere-Grote
Ms. Brett Blumenthal
Ms. Haley Bohon
Ms. Jill Bond
Marilyn and Herbert Bonkovsky
Ms. Doris Ann Bradley
Ms. Janice Bradner
Mr. Lindsay Bridges
Mr. Sam Bullard

– C –

Ms. Monica Cagnetta
Ms. Janet Cauley
Ms. Romy Cawood
Mr. Rajah Chacko
Ms. Dorthea Chambers
Ms. Nina Chen
Ms. Katie Colgate
Ms. Claire Crabtree
Mr. John Craig, Jr.
William and Pamela Crowder
Sarah Crowder & Bruce Buckley

– D –

Mary and Phil Delk
Frank and Elizabeth Dominquez
Stephen and Karisa Douglas

– E –

Ms. Eleanor Edwards

– F –

Mr. Jerusha Fadail
Mr. Joe Few
Mr. Stephen Field
Mr. James Franger

– G –

Ms. Sandra Giller
Ms. Stephanie Goodman
Tom and Lisa Gould
Mr. Rich Greene
Mr. Thomas Griffin
Janice and Herbert Gruendel
Ms. Angie Gwinn

– H –

Robert Haywood Morrison Foundation
Ms. Beth Haney
Mr. David Herring
Seth Hickel and Joel Kincaid
Mr. Alan Hickok
Mr. Robert Hochberg
Mr. Ed Hord
Ms. Barbara F. Horstmann
The Howe Foundation, Inc.
Ms. June Howe

– I –

Ms. Darlene Ifill-Taylor, MD

– J –

Mr. Jerry Jernigan

– K –

Gene and Helen Katz
Berma Jean Kincaid
Mr. Adam C. Krahn
Karen Kummer and Bill Schiffli

– L –

Ms. Connie Lacy
Ms. Kate Lavender
Mr. Kevin Logan
Mr. James Luddy

– M –

Mr. Steven Martin
Ms. Susan McConnell
Manuel and Denise Medeiros
Paul and Elizabeth Michelle
Annette Molinaro and Dave Elson
Fran and Gary Morrison
Ms. Susan Murphy

– N –

Mr. Andy Neisler
Dr. Stacy and Carol Nicholson

– O –

Mr. Timothy Oates
Milette A. Oden

– P –

Tim and Kerry Parolini
Mrs. Marilyn Parolini
Ms. Lois Partridge
Mr. and Mrs. Plato Pearson, Jr.
Mr. Gayle Pendergraph
Franz and Mathilde Pester
Ms. Beth Phillips
Mr. Stephen Phillips
John and Wilma Pinter
James and Sarah Potter
Drs. Kenney and Heather Potter
Ms. Maryjo Prestridge

– R –

Haywood and Sabine Rankin
Ms. Ann Reed
Ms. Beth Rennie
Manley and Jennifer Roberts
Ms. Kelly Rockecharlie
Ms. Emma Rollins

– S –

Mr. Joel Safran
Mr. Andreas Schuhmacher
Ms. Gwen Setter
Ms. Jennifer Shea
Mr. Neal Sigmon
Ms. Paige Sisk
Mr. Clyde Michael Smith
Mr. Brooke Somerville
Ms. Julia Souther
Jake and Marilyn Spencer
Ms. Christina Starnes
Ms. Lucy Stickler
Marsha and Bob Stickler
Homer and Catherine Sutton

– T –

Ms. Sara Theiss
Jesse M. Tillman, III
John and Jacquelynn Trent
Brent and Claire Trexler
Ray and Nilgun Trogdon

– V –

Karl and Claudia Van Florcke

– W –

Ms. Mary Webb
Craig and Cathy Weston
Cricket Weston and Dave Molinaro
Ms. Judy M. White
Lisa and Richard Worf
Ms. Anja Workman

– Y –

Ms. Susan Yardley


If you are listed incorrectly, are mistakenly missing from this list, or would like to be removed from this page, please let us know at  info(at)charlottemasterchorale.org, and we will make the appropriate corrections.

Thank you for supporting our mission to inspire unity in our community through extraordinary performances of diverse music.