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Stand Together

Premieres May 1 at 7:00 pm

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Concert Program

Charlotte Master Chorale 
Charlotte Contemporary Ensemble Members
Kenney Potter, conducting

Stand Together is a virtual concert that reminds us that the only way for everyone to share in a brighter future is for us to all stand together. Featuring Robert Ray's popular Gospel Mass, Stand Together's musical selections range from the contemplative to the exuberant. Members of Charlotte Contemporary Ensemble  join us in this positive musical celebration that encourages, peace, joy, and unity.

Traditional Nguni Work Song (South Africa)
"Shosholoza" is an Nguni song that was sung by the mixed tribes of miners mining gold in South Africa. The song is so popular in South African culture that it is often referred to as the country's second national anthem. The word Shosholoza or "tshotsholoza!" means go forward or make way for the next man. It is used as a term of encouragement and hope as a sign of solidarity. 

Lamar Davis, tenor

Robert Ray k 150.jpgGospel Mass
Robert Ray
For centuries, the world's great composers have set the Latin Mass in a wide variety of styles. Ray imbues these texts with the joyous styles of contemporary African American music.


Tony McNeill, piano
Willie Walker, bass
Bill Cummings III, drums


Lamar Davis, tenor


Rebecca Smith, soprano
Lauren Russell, mezzo-soprano


Mica Cline, soprano



JaVon Adams, bass

Agnus Dei

Lamar Davis, tenor
Darlene Ifill-Taylor, soprano

Dan Forrest k 150.jpgShalom

Dan Forrest
This tender and comforting work is a “passing of peace” as its simple yet elegant melody washes over the listener, gently unfolding its text with increasing texture: “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you, not as the world gives; do not be afraid.” The Hebrew word shalom  forms the refrains, and whispers of the word “peace” further paint the spirit and promise of the text.

Lift Every Voice and Sing
James Rosamond Johnson k 150.jpg James Weldon Johnson k 150.jpgMusic by J. Rosamond Johnson
Text by James Weldon Johnson

Often referred to as the "Black national anthem" Lift Every Voice was written as a poem by James Weldon Johnson and set to music by his brother, J. Rosamond Johnson for Lincoln's birthday celebration in 1905. It is a prayer of thanksgiving for faithfulness and freedom, with imagery evoking the biblical Exodus from slavery to the freedom of the "promised land."

Marques Garrett k 150.jpg James Weldon Johnson k 150.jpgMy Heart Be Brave

Music by Marques Garrett

Text by James Weldon Johnson

In the midst of discrimination, our heart—the core of our being—must lead us into rightful change. And as we continue doing right, the principles of honesty, love, and justice will give us the power to strive for what is due all of humanity.

Samuel A. Ward k 150.jpg Katherine Lee Bates k 150.jpgAmerica the Beautiful
Music by Samuel A. Ward
Text by Katharine Lee Bates

Katharine Lee Bates originally wrote the words as a poem, "Pikes Peak", first published in the Fourth of July edition of a church periodical in 1895. Ward had originally written the music, "Materna", for the hymn "O Mother dear, Jerusalem." Ward's music combined with the Bates poem was first published in 1910 and titled "America the Beautiful".

Craig Hella Johnson k 150.jpgAll of Us 
from Considering Matthew Shepard

Craig Hella Johnson
The final movement of Craig Hella Johnson's epic work is a tribute to the young gay man who has become a symbol for hope and redemption. With elements of hymnody, American folk, and gospel music, the power of this single movement will help lift you up and and add to your understanding.

Jessy Garthe, soprano
Lauren Russell, mezzo-soprano
Emily Shusdock, soprano

The Choir

Keegan Brittain
Erynn Chambers
Mica Cline
Sarah Fink
Jessy Garthe
Darlene Ifill-Taylor
Claire Incorvati
Amanda McMullen
Fran Morrison
Emma Rollins
Haley Sane
Emily Shusdock
Rebecca Smith
*Sandy Stovall
Parker Temple
Gwen Trott

Melissa Consalvo
Sara Doggett
Kimberly Gilbert
Brooke Haney
Laurel Johnson
Caitlin Whalan Jones
Kate Lavender
*Brenda Porter-DeWitt
Taylor Rogers
Lauren Russell
Erin Schwarz
Christine Starnes
Katie Walker

Rajah Chacko
Lamar Davis
Josh Glassman
*David Jacobs
Jonathan Rollin
Andreas Schuhmacher
Jay Tillman
Dan Wynkoop

*JoVan Adams
Rich Greene
Thomas Griffin
Ryan Harrison
John Pinter
Tony Sane
John Shusdock
Tim Yardley

*denotes Charlotte Contemporary Ensemble


Kenney Potter, director
Philip Biedenbender, assistant director
Sarah Towner, chorus manager


Patrick Hamrick and  First United Methodist Church Charlotte
Covenant Presbyterian Church
Charlotte Contemporary Ensemble
Larry White-White Sound Studio
Eric Brown and Picnic Table Productions
Lauren Russell

The Board of the Charlotte Master Chorale
Mary Delk, president
John Craig, vice president
Julia Souther, secretary
Steven Martin, treasurer
Stacy Nicholson, past president
Frank Dominguez
Stephen Douglas
Lisa Harper, singer representative
Paul Michelle
Robert Moody
Robert Stickler
Jay Tillman
Anja Workman